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Request to Update Leave of Absence Duration

Please complete the form below to request a change to your expected date of return for your approved Leave of Absence. Students can revisit the LOA/W Policy for further information. 

Who should complete the form:

  • Students who applied and were approved for a one-semester leave of absence and wish to extend their leave for an additional consecutive semester. If you have been on Leave of Absence for two semesters, you are not eligible to extend your leave.
  • Students who applied and were approved for a two-semester leave of absence and wish to return to the college earlier.

Students who apply for a LOA extension are highly encouraged to meet with Academic Advising & Student Financial Services located inside the One-Stop to understand any academic/financial implications. Students will receive a notification once a decision is made.

We understand that this is a major decision and we are here to assist you. For any questions or concerns please contact the One Stop at onestop@otis.edu or by calling 310-665-6999

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Please Note: International Students on an F-1 Visa are not eligible for a Leave of Absence unless approved by the Primary Designated School Official. Please click here to schedule an appointment with the DSO before submitting this form.

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Students are highly encouraged to meet with an Academic Advisor and their studio department to verify if their new anticipated semester of return matches with the department sequencing before submitting this form. 

Select the PRIMARY reason from the options below that best represents your decision to extend your Leave of Absence:*

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A Leave of Absence is only valid for up to 1 year. If a student does not return within 1 year of the original LOA submission the student will be withdrawn from Otis College. *
Changing the duration of a Leave of Absence may further impact a students graduation date and eligibility to participate in the commencement ceremony. Students are highly encouraged to speak with the Academic Advising Office before submitting this form.*
Changing the duration of a Leave of Absence may have financial implications. Students are highly encouraged to speak with Student Financial Services before submitting this form.*
By signing this box I certify that I am the above-named student and that my electronic signature provided on this form is authentic and has the same validity and legally binding effect as signing this form by my hand in ink.*
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Academic Advising Verification

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Does the anticipated semester of return match with the department sequencing?*
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Registration Review/Approval

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