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Request to Teach Approval Form

Full-time and part-time staff of Otis College of Art and Design may be approved to teach (which includes course mentoring and guest lecturing) in the Undergraduate, Graduate, or Continuing Education Programs. The maximum teaching load is one course per semester in an academic year. Teaching requests may be denied based on a supervisor’s assessment of departmental needs. Staff employees are not guaranteed approval to teach; they must be in good standing and meet all qualifications of the teaching position and complete the “Request to Teach” process.

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Note: Staff members are only allowed to teach one course per semester unless pre-approved by the Provost Office and Human Resources.

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Upon submission, an email will be automatically sent to your supervisor and the head of the department you are requesting to teach in for approval.

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Administration of the Staff Teaching Policy

The approval process is administered and executed by Human Resources in partnership with the Provost’s Office and Academic Departments. Please adhere to the following process:

Approval: A staff member must discuss and gain support from their direct supervisor prior to moving forward in this process. A staff member must complete the online Request to Teach Approval Form and attach a CV, which should include relevant qualifications and professional experience. This Approval Form is to be submitted to the direct supervisor, the chair of the department to be teaching in, the Provost Office, and Human Resources.
Scheduling: Staff must first and foremost fulfill their everyday work responsibilities and accompanying schedule. Approved teaching assignments are normally outside a staff member’s regular work schedule. Exceptions to this policy will involve make-up of any lost hours for the staff position. Supervisors detail a Schedule Plan in the Request to Teach Approval Form that explains how the staff member’s teaching will be coordinated with their normal work schedule. Should a regular staff employee be allowed to teach, any hours spent teaching and/or preparing for the course are outside their normal full-time hours (37.5) or part-time hours (max. 20-25 ) per week.Part-time, non-exempt staff schedules that incorporate both staff and teaching duties cannot exceed a maximum total of 20-25 hours per week.
Compensation: Teaching staff are paid in accordance with all state and federal laws. If the staff member is non-exempt, they will qualify for any overtime pay in accordance with all state/federal laws based on the appropriate rate of pay for work rendered. The home department and teaching department must track hours, agree to overtime costs, and secure budgetary approval. Staff must use the College’s time-keeping systems to be paid for both types of work. Rate of pay for teaching may be outside of normal staff work responsibilities/pay and should be in line with the normal part-time instructor pay schedule/rates in the program in which the person will be teaching.
Performance Management: Staff cannot use their teaching responsibilities as a reason for not meeting their normal job duties. Performance evaluation of the normal job will not include the teaching performed by the staff person, unless such teaching interferes with the performance of their normal work responsibilities. A staff member teaching does not qualify for advancement in rank as a faculty or pay increases beyond the pay schedule for all part-time lecturers.

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